Help: Account Types
Each Customer, Service Partner and Reseller account has different privileges and does not match with each other. Please read carefully to select right Account Type suitable to your business operation.
Customer: Customer is the end user who is operating or managing the vessels. Customer cannot sign up as Reseller/Service Partner. In Customer Account the user has privileges to manage the vessels.
Service Partner: Service Partner (SP) is a local representative to sell Falcon Mega Solutions (FMS) products/services to his customers and resellers.

Service Partner must maintain the agreed hardware stock and prepaid Airtime units (FMT Airtime Units).

Reseller: Reseller is a sub distributor of a Service Partner. Service Provider is responsible for his acts under Service Partner agreement.

Reseller cannot buy products/services from Falcon Mega Solutions but shall buy from his Service Partner. Reseller does not have obligation to stock FMS hardware and prepaid Air Time (FMT Airtime Units) but may do so.